We're very excited to be featured on the GaiinPot Blog!! GP writer Victoria booked our van for a weekend trip around Mt. Fuji. Read more about her amazing trip here.....

Since I love camping so much, I try to camp somewhere in the nature outside of Tokyo on the weekends. When you think of road trip in Japan, you might wonder when is the best time to go. The sakura in Spring? Beach in Summer? The beautiful maple leaves in Fall? Or the romantic snow in Winter? In fact, these..........

Road Trip Japan is featured in "Modern Camper”. "Modern Camper" is a go to website for camping/RVing stories and tips on how it's done! Here is our profile and Road Trip Japan history!! Check it out!!

Even though I said that Autumn had just started here in Tokyo, since I love summer so much and I start missing it already(I would just hang out in my bikinis everyday if I could), I'd like to share with you one of customer's summer trip with you!

We had a few customers from France who went to on road trip in Japan. They seemed to have a lot of fun, so I thought I'd share with you their route......